Come and make your feelings known about B&NES Children’s Centres cuts


Last year many residents signed a petition to stop the closure of Children’s Centres across the whole of B&NES.  Thanks to them B&NES will be reconsidering their proposal to cut almost 40% from the budget for these centres at their next council meeting.  For Radstock such a huge cut means the centre will not be viable and may have to close.

I attended the launch of the refurbished centre in Radstock in 2012.  I am absolutely astounded at the shortsightedness of B&NES who are ignoring their own health and well-being strategy and the needs of local people.

I urge people to come along to protest at this unfair proposal on Wednesday, 16 January at 6 p.m. outside the Guildhall in Bath as it will be debated by full Council later that evening. 

Statistics show that children are subjected to a number of health inequalities in the Radstock area, there are also higher levels of educational need than the national average.

Radstock has so few services and it is criminal that yet another one could be wiped out. I for one am not prepared to let this happen without a fight.  Recent surveys show that local people want to see more in the town for young people so this really takes the biscuit.

Such a swingeing cut can only store up problems for the future, which includes the cost to the public purse in the long-term, and more emotional and financial pressure on children and their families.

Lesley Mansell, Equality Officer, North East Somerset Labour Party


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