Manda Rigby – jumped or pushed?


It has been apparent for some time that Manda Rigby has been a controversial Chairman at Bath City FC and even in leaving the post it seems this controversy refuses to go away.

Manda Rigby - did she jump or was she pushed?

Manda Rigby – did she jump or was she pushed?

When we were tipped off about Manda’s departure from the board over the weekend the source made it absolutely clear that she was forced to leave by other board members.

Knowing a fraction of the controversy that has been taking place at the club in the last few months we were a little cautious about stating this as fact without recourse to further evidence. It comes as no surprise to discover that in her own statement Manda Rigby makes it clear that she resigned from the position rather than being voted or forced out. At this point it is pretty irrelevant one way or the other. The pro Manda camp will be feeling that her departure means the loss of an experienced business mind and source of vital revenue. The anti Manda camp will be feeling that they are rid of a disruptive, controversial and divisive person.

What is clear is that Bath City FC has been failing as a business for some time and that whatever stability there was has now been removed, one way or the other. The concern must be for the financial future of the club. Without a steadying influence,a reliable leader and strong source of income it is hard to see how the club can survive. In particular the greatest asset of the club, the ground it plays on, which would be in great demand for development, must now be seriously under threat.

Hopefully Bath City FC has a replacement Chairman lined up who can contribute these things, or has realistic prospects of finding somebody in short order. Otherwise this could be a very painful time indeed for the supporters of the club.



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